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Chancellor's Professor and Interim Department Head Power Electronics, Renewable Energy
Associate Professor and Director, Innovative Computing Laboratory Algorithm Engineering for Computational Mathematics

Assistant Professor VLSI, Nanoelectronics, Emerging Memory, Artificial Intelligence, Neuromorphic Hardware
Associate Professor Power Electronics in Transportation Electrification

Associate Professor Networks, Distributed Computing
Professor Scientific Computing, Information Retrieval

Blalock-Kennedy-Pierce Professor, Associate Department Head Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits
Adjunct Faculty Parallel and distributed computing, High Performance Computing

Research Assistant Professor High-performance computing, Distributed Systems, Fault tolerance
Associate Professor Wireless and Distributed Sensor Networks

Research Associate Professor Director of Education & Diversity, CURENT
Research Assistant Professor

Associate Professor Power Electronics, Electric Vehicles

Assistant Professor Power Electronics, Magnetic Components, High-density Integration and Packaging
Research Assistant Professor Performance analysis & optimization, System benchmarking, Compilers

Professor Automatic Control, Smart Grid Applications

Professor Emeritus High-Performance and Scientific Computing
Associate Professor Genome-focused Bioinformatics, High-throughput and Parallel Computing, Life Science Applications

Research Assistant Professor Computational Engineering
Professor Antennas and Microwaves

Research Assistant Professor High performance computing, Scientific computing, Linear algebra
Professor, Associate Department Head Machine learning, image reconstruction

Professor Graphene, Electronic Materials
Research Assistant Professor Fault Tolerance, High-Performance Computing, Runtime Systems

Research Assistant Professor
Lecturer Computational Thinking, Organizational Learning

Professor Data Analytics and Visualization
UL Professor of Practice Fire Protection and Forensics

Research Assistant Professor / Adjunct Assistant Professor High-Performance Computing, Computer Architectures, Performance Analysis and Tuning
Associate Professor Software Systems, Compilers

Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Antennas, Wave Propagation
Assistant Professor Cybersecurity, Human-Computer Interaction

Professor Bioinformatics, Data Analytics, Graph Theory
Research Assistant Professor

James W. McConnell Professor Power Systems Modeling and Economics

Assistant Professor Mobile Sensing & Computing, Cybersecurity & Privacy
UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair Professor Power Systems Monitoring and Control

Research Assistant Professor High-Performance Computing, Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking, Numerical Linear Algebra
Senior Lecturer and Online MSCS Program Director Operating Systems, Programming Languages

ADVANCE and Associate Professor Bio-electronics, Mixed Signal Circuits
Ericsson-Harlan Mills Chair Professor Data Analytics, Software Engineering

Assistant Professor Data Science, Security, Information Theory
Associate Vice Chancellor Robotics, Distributed Intelligence

Professor High-Performance Computer Architectures
Professor Neuromorphic Computing, Data Storage

Associate Professor Power System Dynamics and Control
Gonzalez Family Professor Collaborative Sensor Signal and Image Processing

Professor and Associate Department Head Memristors, Nanoelectronics, Hardware Security
Assistant Professor Systems security, Web security, Usable security, Blockchain

Assistant Professor Neuromorphic computing, Spiking neural networks, Evolutionary and genetic algorithms
Professor Cybersecurity, Network Privacy

Professor Power System Dynamics, Stability, Control
Assistant Professor Human-Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, Computational Materials

Dongarra Professor High Performance Computing, Big Data Analytics

Associate Professor Quantum computing, Hardware security of IoT and vehicles, Smart healthcare
Adjunct Faculty Parallel algorithms, Numerical analysis

Chancellor's Professor Power System Modeling and Control
Professor and Condra Chair of Excellence in Power Electronics, CURENT Technical Director Power Electronics

Assistant Professor Model reduction of nonlinear dynamical systems
Professor Bio-electronics, Microfluidics, MEMs

Research Assistant Professor