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Mechanical Shop

EECS Mechanical Shop

The EECS Mechanical Shop (Min H. Kao room 119) is open to EECS students, faculty, and staff as well as to non-engineering students taking EECS courses.

In order to use the shop, a copy of the Mechanical Shop Policy, signed by the user, must be on file. The policy is also available in the shop.

Before using any machinery, users must complete a safety briefing on the machine and demonstrate a working knowledge of the machine. A training record will be kept in the shop for every individual authorized to use shop machinery.

The shop manager, Chloe Browning, will be present during open hours to ensure all safety procedures are followed and provide assistance with shop machinery. The shop manager will not complete your work for you but is available to help as necessary.

The mechanical shop will not provide materials; however, at times, some scrap materials may be available for use. All materials brought into to the shop must be accompanied by a material safety data sheet (MSDS). All MSDS information can be obtained from the product manufacturer and may also be available online.