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Sensors, Networked and Embedded Systems, and Cybersecurity

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Sensors, Networked and Embedded Systems, and Cybersecurity

Cyber Security, Network Privacy and Security, Power Control in Wireless Networks, Real-Time Embedded Systems, Sensor Networks, Wireless Networks

Affiliated Labs, Centers, Institutes

Advanced Imaging and Collaborative Information Processing (AICIP)

AICIP‘s research interests include collaborative signal and information processing in sensor networks, automatic target recognition (acoustic and seismic signals, video, hyperspectral imaging), distributed data mining, image processing (image restoration, image correction, optimization problem, medical imaging), and content-based image retrieval.

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Distributed Intelligence Laboratory

DILab was founded in August of 2002 by Professor Lynne Parker and is engaged in research in cooperative robotics and distributed artificial intelligence. Research is focused on the computational issues of distributed intelligent systems, particularly embodied intelligent systems that have a physical instantiation in the world such as multi-robot teams, sensor networks, or software agents. The group characterizes distributed intelligent systems as multiple entities that integrate perception, reasoning, and action to perform cooperative tasks under circumstances that are insufficiently known in advance, and dynamically changing during task execution.

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Power-Aware Computer Systems Laboratory (PACS)

Software Quality Research Lab (SQRL)