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Parts Store

EECS Parts Store

The EECS parts store sells electronics kits and parts for students. All student transactions must be processed via Volcard. We are unable to accept cash or credit/debit cards. All sales are final. Please note: effective August 1, 2024, no partial lab kits will be sold for any reason. However, the differential tuition/fees every EECS student pays is used to contribute to half the cost of all course-required lab kits. Students are responsible for covering the remaining balance of the kit.

If you wish to buy parts from the parts store on an EECS departmental account, email with the parts you need, the account number to charge, and the faculty member in charge of the account. You will be emailed when the order is ready for pickup.

If you have any special requirements, contact

Parts and Price List

This list is subject to change without notice. Prices include standard sales tax of 9.25 percent. Some parts will be discontinued once they run out due to lack of demand.

Parts List Resistors List