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Electrical Engineering

Three students work in the Power Lab

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering deals with the application of the physical laws governing charged particles. From miniature integrated circuits that contain millions of microelectronic devices, to high-speed fiber-optic communication systems that span international boundaries, electrical engineering impacts every aspect of modern-day living.

Electrical engineering is unique among the engineering disciplines because of its wide range of applications. Subject areas are so diverse, it is not always apparent that there is an underlying connection. The range of subjects is not only broad but also expanding.

Institution catalogs and similar electronic or print publications must clearly indicate the programs accredited by the commissions of ABET as separate and distinct from any other programs or kinds of accreditation. The Electrical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation commission(s) of ABET under the General Criteria and the Electrical Engineering Program Criteria.

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