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EECS Professor Receives Patent

Yilu LliuA new patent has been issued for EECS Professor Yilu Liu. Patent number 10,191,094 is for “Synchrophasor Measurement Method for Power Systems” (UTRF 17111)

Congratulations, Liu!


A synchrophasor measurement method for a device configured to take synchronized measurements in a power system is provided. The synchrophasor measurement method includes receiving global positioning system (GPS)-synchronized samples of a signal sensed by the device from the power system; determining a level of distortion of the signal; selecting, based on the level of distortion, a computation method, the computation method being one of an improved zero-crossing (IZC) method and an enhanced phase-lock­ loop (EPLL) method; performing the selected computation method to determine at least one parameter of the signal at a reporting frequency, which is at least twice a line frequency of the power system; and outputting , at the reporting frequency, the at least one parameter to an operator of the power system to allow the operator to perform at least one of a monitoring and a controlling of at least one element of the power system.