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EECS Associate Professor Himanshu Thapliyal, PhD student Bhaskar Gaur, and the other members of their research group present the award they received at the GLSVLSI conference.

Thapliyal and Gaur Earn Best Poster Award

A research team that included computer science PhD student Bhaskar Gaur and Associate Professor Himanshu Thapliyal received Best Poster/LBR honors for their work, “Noise-Resilient and Reduced Depth Approximate Adders for NISQ Quantum Computing.” Travis Humble, director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Quantum Science Center, was a co-author.

The honor was awarded at this year’s GLSVLSI conference, held in Knoxville and hosted by the Association for Computing Machinery. Experts in very large-scale integration (VLSI) and related fields came together to explore the latest advancements and encourage collaborative discussions.

In their paper, Gaur, Thapliyal, and Humble addressed one of the main challenges of quantum computing—noise. Their innovative use of approximate computing shows promise in overcoming noise-related limitations and unlocking the full potential of quantum computers.

The team conducted computer simulations using the IBM Qiskit platform. They used different noise models to study the impact of various sources of noise individually, which is difficult to do on real quantum computers. The results were impressive, showing noise resistance improvements ranging from 8.23% to a remarkable 371% depending on the type of noise.

Click here to view abstract for the paper.

For more information about the conference and to access the research paper, please visit the official ACM GLSVLSI 23 website: