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EECS Joint Faculty Member and Students Present Tutorial at Top Information Retrieval Conference

EECS joint faculty member Edmon Begoli, Research Associate Sudarshan Srinivasan, and PhD student Maria Mahbub recently presented a tutorial at SIGIR 2022, a top-ranked computer science conference on the topic of information retrieval held in Madrid, Spain.

Their tutorial, entitled “Improving Efficiency and Robustness of Transformer-based Information Retrieval Systems,” focuses on both theoretical and practical aspects of improving the efficiency and robustness of transformer-based approaches to information retrieval, so that these can be effectively used in practical, high-scale, and high-volume information retrieval (IR) scenarios. The tutorial is inspired and informed by their work and experience while working with massive narrative datasets consisting of 8.5 billion medical notes. The tutorial also focuses on techniques for making transformer-based IR robust against adversarial artificial intelligence exploitation.

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