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EECS/CURENT Alum and Two Faculty Members Receive Highly Cited Paper Award

Linquan Bai, a recent alumnus of EECS/CURENT and now an Assistant Professor at UNC Charlotte; Hantao Cui, CURENT research assistant professor and former part-time EECS/CURENT doctoral student (2012-2016); and their former advisor Fran Li, have received the Highly Cited Paper Award from the journal Applied Energy. Li’s visiting scholar, Jiang Tao (2019-2020), is also a co-author. Li is the corresponding author of this award-winning paper.

With an impact factor of 8.426, Applied Energy is a leading journal in the broad area of energy engineering and science. The award is highly competitive as it is bestowed to only 16 research papers and 13 review papers among 3200+ published papers in Applied Energy in 2016 and 2017. The award was issued during the International Conference of Applied Energy (ICAE), held August 12-15, 2019 in Sweden. Here is the paper’s citation:

  1. Bai, F. Li, H. Cui, T. Jiang, et al., “Interval Optimization based Operating Strategy for Gas-Electricity Integrated Energy Systems Considering Demand Response and Wind Uncertainty,” Applied Energy, vol. 167, pp. 270-279, Apr. 2016.