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PhD Qualifying Exam for ECE Students

Please complete the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Registration form.

The Ph.D. Qualifying Exam is administered by a panel of three faculty members, selected by the student and major advisor but not including the student’s major advisor. It comprises

i)    a written critical review of current literature on a research topic selected by the student under guidance of his/her major advisor and approved by the administering faculty

ii)   a presentation on the approved topic including an oral examination covering the topic and related fundamental knowledge.

A student must take the Qualifying Exam within twelve months of entering the Ph.D. program. A second and final attempt is allowed within 24 months of entering the Ph.D. program.  Attendance of the examination is limited to the student and the administering faculty.

The graduate committee advises that the written report is no more than 10 pages, which should be submitted to the examination committee at least one week prior to the oral examination, and the oral examination is one hour long, including student presentation and Q&A.

Upon completion of the examination, the panel faculty must fill out the Pass/Fail Form. The student should print this form and bring it to the examination.

PhD students in computer engineering and electrical engineering are required to take and pass the Qualifying Exam. PhD students in computer science are not required to take the Qualifying Exam.  Please consult your major professor and the departmental catalog for further instructions.

For more information on conducting a literature review, please see the following link.

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