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2018 Gonzalez Family Awards Banquet

Last night, the Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science held its annual Gonzalez Family Awards Banquet, and a good time was had by all.

This year’s winners:

  • The Gonzalez Family Award for Excellence in Teaching- Kamrul Islam
  • The Gonzalez Family Award for Excellence in Research- Kevin Tomsovic
  • The Gonzalez Family Award for Staff Excellence- Julia Elkins and Wade Jenkins

Outstanding Student Awards:

  • Computer Science Sophomore- Abigail Prosise
  • Computer Science Junior- Carl Edwards
  • Computer Science Senior- Sophie Wardick
  • Computer Engineering Sophomore- Hunter Mann
  • Computer Engineering Junior- Benjamin Sergent
  • Computer Engineering Senior- Daniel Enciso
  • Electrical Engineering Sophomore- Katelyn Bolinsky
  • Electrical Engineering Junior- Alec Yen
  • Electrical Engineering Senior- Morgan Dyar

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistants:

  • Clara Nguyen
  • Christopher Spanbauer

Outstanding Graduate Research Assistants:

  • Gangotree Chakma
  • Hantao Cui
  • Yawen Fan
  • Yunhe Feng
  • Bo Liu
  • Alireza Rahimpour
  • Firoozeh Sepehr
  • Qingxin Shi
  • Yang Song
  • Mesbah Uddin
  • Shuoting Zhang
  • Yichen Zhang

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistants:

  • Ava Hedayatipour
  • Camille Crumpton
  • Mariana Kamel

Congratulations to all of our fantastic EECS faculty, staff and student winners!

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