Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Graduate Programs

Majors and Degrees

Electrical Engineering (EE) MS, PhD, Dual MS-MBA Circuit Theory,Communication Theory, Computers, Control Systems, Electro-Optics, Electromagnetic Theory, Plasma Engineering, Power Electronics, Power Systems, Solid-State Electronics.
Computer Engineering (CpE) MS, PhD, Dual MS-MBA Hardware, Networking and Embedded Systems, Signal Processing and Control, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Software Systems, Theory, Communications
Computer Science (CS) MS, PhD, Dual MS-MBA Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Computer Vision, Data Fusion, Data Structures, Data Visualization, Embedded Systems, Image Processing, Information Systems, VLSI System Design.
ProfessorAreas of Interest
Dr. Mongi A. Abidi Image Processing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Itamar Arel Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Custom Computing
Dr. Micah Beck Parallel and Distributed Computing, Automatic Program Parallelization, Program Development Tools, Distributed and Fault Tolerant Systems
Dr. Michael Berry Associate Department Head, Scientific Computing, Parallel Numerical Algorithms, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Computational Science and Performance Evaluation, Visual Analytics
Dr. J. Douglas Birdwell Control Systems, Information Processing, High Performance Databases, Computers, Data Mining, Bioinformatics
Dr. Benjamin J. Blalock Analog/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design, SOI CMOS Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Design, Ultra Low Voltage CMOS IC Design, Programmable Analog Circuits
Dr. Qing "Charles" Cao Networked Embedded Systems
Dr. Paul B. Crilly Digital Signal Processing, Digital Systems, Communications
Dr. Judy Day Dynamical Systems, Acute Inflammation/Immunology, Model Predictive Control, Translational Medicine, Transient Dynamics
Dr. Seddik M. Djouadi Robust and Distributed Control, Control of Biological Processes, Modeling of Wireless Systems, Networked Control Systems, Preferential Image Segmentation and Video Tracking, Model Reduction and Control of Fluid Flows
Dr. Jack Dongarra Scientific Computing, Numerical Linear Algebra, Parallel Processing, Software Tools, Mathematical Software and Software Repositories
Dr. Aly Fathy Electromagnetics, Antennas, Microwave Circuits, Propagation, UWB systems
Dr. Jens Gregor Pattern and Image Analysis, Computed Imaging
Dr. Gong Gu Electronic Devices based on Emerging Materials in the Interdisciplinary Junction of Physics, Materials Science, and Electrical Engineering
Dr. Jeremy Holleman Analog, RF, and Mixed-signal Integrated Circuit Design, Low-power System Design, Bio-medical Devices
Dr. Jian Huang Large Data Visualization, Parallel, Remote and Distributed Visualization
Dr. Syed Islam Electronics
Dr. Michael A. Langston Combinatorial Algorithms, Computational Biology, High Performance Computing
Dr. Fangxing "Fran" Li Power Systems Engineering and Economics
Dr. Husheng Li Wireless Communications and Networks, Statistical Signal Processing, Information Theory, Theory of Random Matrices
Dr. Yilu Liu Power systems and Smart Grids
Dr. Bruce MacLennan Neural Networks and Connectionism, Theory of Knowledge, Massively Parallel Analog Computation, Emergent Computation
Dr. Nicole McFarlane Mixed Signal Circuit Design, Biotechnology and Bio-sensor Design, Noise Theory for Electronic Systems, Energy and Power Trade-offs in Mixed Signal Circuit Design, Microfabrication and Development of Devices
Dr. Lynne E. Parker Associate Department Head, Distributed Mobile Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Distributed Intelligence, Sensor Networks, Machine Learning, Embedded Systems, Multi-Agent Systems
Dr. Gregory Peterson Computer Engineering, Digital Systems
Dr. James Plank Fault-Tolerance, Erasure Codes, Storage Systems, Distributed Computing, Operating Systems
Dr. Hairong Qi Computer Engineering, Image Processing, Sensor Networks
Dr. Michael J. Roberts Electro-Optics, Communications, Signal Processing, Instrumentation
Dr. Jinyuan "Stella" Sun Security and Privacy in Wired/Wireless Networks and Critical Application Systems
Dr. Michael G. Thomason Image and Pattern Analysis, Stochastic Processes, Parallel Algorithms
Dr. Leon Tolbert Power Electronics, Power Systems
Dr. Kevin Tomsovic Power Systems, Optimization
Dr. Bradley Vander Zanden Graphical Programming Environments, Programming Languages, Constraint Solving, Graphical User Interfaces
Dr. Michael D. Vose Cross-Disciplinary Activities; Algorithms, Simulation, Theory
Dr. Fei "Fred" Wang Power Electronics, Power Systems, Motor Drives, Electric Machines
Dr. Jayne Wu Micro-electronics, Microfluidics, MEMS


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