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Course Website Submission Form

  • Please fill out the form below to request to have your website added to the course website listing. Please follow the instructions carefully. Ideally, please create a new subfolder with an index.html or index.php page for your course website inside your "webhome" or "www-home" directory and list it below. If you have questions on how to create a new website folder, please contact the EECS IT staff.

  • Choose only one of the following options:

    Option #1

    For course websites in your EECS home area:
    • Dedicate a separate folder to each website.
    • Name your main page properly (e.g. index.html or index.php).
    Note: These are technical requirements, not aesthetic preferences.
  • Option #2

    For course websites hosted externally.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.