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Using the Scanner

Tesla1 is the only computer in the Min Kao building connected to the scanner. This scanner is for the use of any EECS student or faculty member in the lab. To use the scanner, simply log into the Tesla1 machine and go to

Start->All Programs->Microsoft Office Tools->Microsoft Photo Editor

Open the lid of the scanner and place the item to be scanned face-down on the scanner’s glass tray. Close the lid of the scanner, then click on the Preview button at the top of the program. This action provides you with a preview of what will be scanned. Use your mouse to adjust the scan selection (the square made of dotted-lines) so that it fits closely around the item (or portion of the item) you want scanned. Next, go to

File->Save As

Choose the destination folder and enter a file name. The scanner will then scan the area you selected and save the file accordingly. Repeat this process for each item you want to scan.

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