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Drupal Web Project

I am looking for a student who can work 10 or more hours per week on a Drupal web project starting sometime this semester.  I can pay hourly and be quite flexible on scheduling.


Basic Info:

Immediate tasks (<5 months):

-        Using a virtual server hosted by OIT with Linux operating system, install and configure apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL

-        Transfer the Drupal sites and data over, get them running locally

-        Get independent tools running (GBrowse, Symap, CMap) – all open source and relatively well documented

-        Do much needed security updates to the Drupal base installation and Drupal modules 

-        Trouble shoot any issues this causes with display/functionality

-        Get IP addresses transferred and go live


Longer term tasks (6-12 months):

-        Get a development hardwoods site running

-        Install the latest Tripal modules, which are significantly different than the current modules.  This will require some Drupal theming and php coding, because these are quite different from the site of the main developers.

-        Add additional RNA and DNA sequence, germplasm, marker and mapping data


Required skills:

-        Comfortable operating in a linux environment

-        Familiarity with html and css

-        Familiarity with a relational database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL

-        Knowledge of at least one programming language (php, perl, java, etc)


Interested parties can e-mail me directly:

Dr. Meg Staton,



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