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Seeking student for coding project

Associate Professor Tyson B. Raper, Pettigrew Cotton Specialist for the Plant Sciences Department, is seeking a student who can help him develop a calculator to be posted on the department’s website, This calculator will be one that calculates heat units for their growers. The resulting website would be used in all cotton-producing regions of the United States.

There is some funding available for the project to support this effort and there is room for this project to grow- additional commodities, comparison to historical data, etc.


Calculate accumulated heat units since planting, with user-provided input, for a given location, again user-provided input, from publicly-available NOAA weather data.

User input: Planting date (MM/DD/YYYY); location (zip code or google map?)

Calculator inputs:  max and min temperature (F) derived from the nearest NOAA GHCN weather station

Calculation: [{Max daily temp (F)+Min daily temp (F)}/2-60] summed daily from user defined planting date to current calendar date

Output: accumulated heat units since planting


Interested students, please contact Tyson B. Raper at


Posted 9-16-22