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Geo-Spatial Full Stack Part Time, remote

Job Title

Geo-Spatial Full Stack Part Time

Company Name

Minerva Systems



Job Overview

Job Description

Making geo-spatial data readily available, understandable, usable, and valuable for non geo folks; it’s tough. This is where you come in.

Speed, data, UI, and storage all need to be joined together. Doing so takes someone who gets the full stack. From Lambdas to CSS, you love thinking though a pipeline of customer data.

You consider different forms of data an opportunity to create better products. You see our present influx of customer data as a challenge—but know the complexity is significant, because the more complex the greater the opportunity.

You think machine learning is interesting, but know it’s just a ton of stats, under the hood. You have a strong opinion about spatial reference systems. You think that helping someone else solve a problem is as fun as solving it yourself.

You are comfortable around AWS, but more than happy to use any cloud—providing you can tie it into a decent continuous integration environment. You know that data often sounds easy, but rarely is.

You consider yourself a part of a “spatial” group of folks.

Perform full-stack development and deployment of responsive, data-driven, RESTful web applications. Develop web mapping applications using JavaScript and various mapping APIs such as ArcGIS JavaScript API, Mapbox GL JS, Mapbox JS, and Leaflet.

Technology (in order of preference)

  • Python
  • AWS (or comparable)
  • Circle CI (or comparable)
  • JavaScript (React preferred)
  • PostGIS
  • Data formats
  • Mapbox (GL JS)
  • Leaflet
  • Google Maps
  • Esri Web Suite
  • OpenLayers
  • HTML and CSS
  • Javascript packing
  • Willingness to learn anything


Part Time role with flexible hours to meet the demands of your academic schedule.

To apply, please contact:

CEO: John B