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Full-Time Faculty

Photo of Dr. Mongi Abidi

Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Robotics

Photo of Dr. Ahmedullah Aziz

Assistant Professor
VLSI, Nanoelectronics, Emerging Memory, Neuromorphic Computing

Photo of Dr. Hua

Associate Professor
Power Electronics in Motor Drive Systems, Applications of Wide-bandgap Devices

Photo of Dr. Micah Beck

Associate Professor
Networks, Distributed Computing

Photo of Dr. Michael Berry

Scientific Computing, Information Retrieval

Photo of Dr. Benjamin J. Blalock

Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits

Photo of Dr. Qing 'Charles' Cao

Associate Professor
Wireless and Distributed Sensor Networks

Photo of Dr. Daniel Costinett

Associate Professor
Power Electronics, Electric Vehicles

Photo of Dr. Han

Assistant Professor
Power Electronics, Magnetic Components, High-density Integration and Packaging

Photo of Dr. Judy Day

Associate Professor
Model Predictive Control, Translational Medicine

Photo of Dr. Seddik M. Djouadi

Automatic Control, Smart Grid Applications

Photo of Dr. Jack Dongarra

Distinguished Professor
High-Performance and Scientific Computing

Photo of Dr. Scott Emrich

Associate Professor
Genome-focused Bioinformatics, High-throughput and Parallel Computing, Life Science Applications

Photo of Dr. Aly Fathy

Antennas and Microwaves

Photo of Dr. Jens Gregor

Image Processing, Biomedical Data Visualization

Photo of Dr. Gong Gu

Graphene, Electronic Materials

Photo of Dr. Austin Henley

Assistant Professor
Software engineering, Human-computer interaction, Developer productivity

Photo of Dr. Jian Huang

Data Analytics and Visualization

Photo of Dr. Michael Jantz

Assistant Professor
Software Systems, Compilers

Photo of Dr. Ozlem Kilic

Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs
Antennas, Wave Propagation

Photo of Dr. Michael A. Langston

Bioinformatics, Data Analytics, Graph Theory

Photo of Dr. Fangxing 'Fran' Li

James W. McConnell Professor
Power Systems Modeling and Economics

Photo of Dr. Husheng Li

Wireless Communication and Networks

Photo of Dr. Jian Liu

Assistant Professor
Mobile Sensing & Computing, Cybersecurity & Privacy

Photo of Dr. Yilu Liu

Governor’s Chair Professor
Power Systems Monitoring and Control

Photo of Dr. Bruce MacLennan

Associate Professor
Bio-inspired Computation, Artificial

Photo of Dr. Nicole McFarlane

ADVANCE Professor
Bio-electronics, Mixed Signal Circuits

Photo of Dr. Audris Mockus

Data Analytics, Software Engineering

Photo of Dr. Arun Padakandla

Assistant Professor
Data Science, Security, Information Theory

Photo of Dr. Lynne E. Parker

Robotics, Distributed Intelligence

Photo of Dr. Gregory Peterson

High-Performance Computer Architectures

Photo of Dr. James Plank

Neuromorphic Computing, Data Storage

Photo of Dr. Hector Pulgar

Assistant Professor
Power System Dynamics and Control

Photo of Dr. Hairong Qi

Gonzalez Family Professor
Collaborative Sensor Signal and Image Processing

Photo of Dr. Garrett Rose

Associate Professor
Memristors, Nanoelectronics, Hardware Security

Photo of Dr. Scott Ruoti

Assistant Professor
Systems security, Web security, Usable security, Blockchain

Photo of Dr. Amir Sadovnik

Assistant Professor
Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Natural Language Generation, Human Computer Interaction

Photo of Dr. Maxfield Schuchard

Assistant Professor
Computer Security and Privacy, Crypto-Currencies

Photo of Dr. Jinyuan 'Stella' Sun

Associate Professor
Cybersecurity, Network Privacy

Photo of Dr. Kai Sun

Associate Professor
Power System Dynamics, Stability, Control

Photo of Dr. Michela Taufer

Dongarra Professor
High Performance Computing, Big Data Analytics

Photo of Dr. Leon Tolbert

Power Electronics, Renewable Energy

Photo of Dr. Kevin Tomsovic

Power System Modeling and Control

Photo of Dr. Brad Vander Zanden

Graphic Programming, Instructional Technology

Photo of Dr. Fei 'Fred' Wang

Power Electronics

Photo of Dr. Dan Wilson

Assistant Professor
Model reduction of nonlinear dynamical systems

Photo of Dr. Jayne Wu

Bio-electronics, Microfluidics, MEMs

Photo of Dr. Andre Zeumault

Assistant Professor

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