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Committee Assignments


Committee Members
Assessment B. Vander Zanden (Chair), C. Cao, M. Berry, A. Fathy, B. MacLennan
Awards F. Li (Chair)
Communications/Webpage B. Vander Zanden (Chair), K. Bogle, W. Gao, J. Huang, N. McFarlane
Graduate D. Costinett (Chair), M. Abidi, G. Gu, J. Sun, K. Tomsovic
Senior Design M. Dean (Chair), B. Blalock
Strategic Planning M. Dean, J. Holleman, F. Li, A. Mockus, H. Qi, L. Tolbert
Undergraduate J. Huang (Chair), J. Plank, K. Sun, M. Vose, G. Rose


Committee Members
ACM/UPE Advisor J. Plank
Assessment B. MacLennan (Chair)
Advising K. Islam (Assoc. Head, Academic Affairs)
Awards J. Wu (Chair)
CS/CpE Curriculum Reform J. Plank (Chair)
Graduate F. Wang (Chair)
Graduate Coordinating A. Fathy (Program Director)
HKN Advisor J. Holleman
IEEE Advisor M. Abidi
Min Kao Fellowships and Scholarships Coordinator L. Tolbert
Senior Design D. Birdwell (Chair)
Space Coordinator K. Islam
Systers Advisor L. Parker
Undergraduate S. Djouadi (Chair)
Undergraduate Super Advisors B. Blalock, J. Plank, H. Qi

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