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New EECS Professor Michela Taufer Quoted in Supercomputing Story on PBS’ NovaNext

The Human Connectome (from PBS NovaNext website)

The Human Connectome (Courtesy of PBS NovaNext website)

From the PBS NovaNext website:

Bobby Kasthuri has a problem.

In an effort to understand, on the finest level, what makes us human, he’s set out to create a complete map of the human brain: to chart where every neuron connects to every other neuron. The problem is, the brain has more connections than the Milky Way has stars. Just one millionth of the organ contains more information than all the written works in the Library of Congress. A map of the brain would represent the single largest dataset ever collected about anything in the history of the world.

Making that map seems like a task that could consume not just one lifetime, but dozens. Yet in just three years, it might just be possible.

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