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Joint Faculty Member Begoli Named Google Cloud Research Innovator

EECS joint faculty member Edmon Begoli has been named a Google Cloud Research Innovator, a select group of scientists from leading universities.

“I was selected for my research and use of Google Cloud for my data and Natural Language Processing research, consequent publications, and use of Google Cloud resource grant for teaching Special Topics in Natural Language Processing,” Begoli said.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a major sub-domain of Artificial Intelligence focused on the subjects such as speech and language processing, machine translation, information extraction, automated question answering/reading comprehension, text summarization, synthetic text generation, and others.

It is an essential part of artificial intelligence (AI), modeling how people share and interpret information expressed in natural human languages. NLP applications cover some of the most important societal domains and disciplines including business, commerce, law, communication, medicine, science, education, and many others. In recent years, applications of deep learning in NLP have spurred an unprecedented innovation and the growth of the NLP-backed state-of-the-art systems.

“For years, Google has been offering generous grants of their cloud services for research and academic use, and I have been a recipient of many of these, that we used for both research and for teaching,” Begoli continued. “I used these grants for several papers that were published in VLDB and SIGMOD- top computer science conferences- the most recent one being ‘Watermarks in Stream Processing Systems: Semantics and Comparative Analysis of Apache Flink and Google Cloud Dataflow,’ authored by colleagues from Google and Snowflake.”

“Further, I used Google Cloud resources for our ongoing research in Adversarial NLP/Adversarial Learning and for the Special Topics in Natural Language Processing which I teach every Fall. In this class, we focus on the state-of-the-art NLP methods, such as machine reading comprehension/question answering and neural machine translation.”

The Google Cloud Research Innovators program exists to support breakthrough researchers using Google Cloud to work toward solutions to major issues. Successful applicants to the Research Innovators program get access to Google experts, technical resources, additional Google Cloud credits, speaking opportunities, training and more.