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EECS Professor and Grad Students win Best Paper Award

Qing CaoQing Cao recently co-authored a paper with two of his graduate students, Yunhe Feng and Zheng Lu, entitled “Secure Sharing of Private Locations through Homomorphic Bloom Filters.” This paper has now won the Best Paper Award at IEEE BigDataSecurity 2018, the 4th IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security on Cloud. About 150 papers were submitted to this conference this year.

Current continuously increasing demands of cloud computing and relevant network-based techniques have driven a dramatic growth of the implementations of data mining, smart data, artificial intelligence, and data analysis in multiple domains. Security and privacy issues in big data have become a great concern due to the interconnecting environment. IEEE BigDataSecurity 2018 addresses this domain and aims to gather recent academic achievements in this field.

Moreover, cloud computing is the second concentration of IEEE BigDataSecurity 2018. The emerging mechanism of cloud computing has provided a variety of novel approaches addressing the solutions of big data. The new methods deriving from cloud computing have covered distinct dimensions, such as edge/fog computing, energy consumptions, high performance, and heterogeneous resources, cloud models, heterogeneous architecture, tele-health, resource allocation, load balance, multimedia, and QoS, etc.

Congratulations, Qing Cao, Yunhe Feng, and Zheng Lu!