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Old Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Information

The next PhD Qualifying Exam is scheduled for Monday, August 18, 2014.  Please complete the FALL 2014 EECS Ph.D. QUALIFYING EXAMINATION Registration Form and return it to Ms. Dana Bryson.

The PhD Qualifying Exam is administered twice per year during the Fall and Spring semesters.  Students are required to arrive promply at the scheduled time and should be equipped with a protractor and a watch. The qualifying exam is closed books. A Casio FX-115ES Advanced Scientific Calculator will be provided to each student. No other electronic devices of any kind, including cellphones, will be permitted.

PhD students in computer engineering, computer science or electrical engineering are required to take and pass the Qualifying Exam. New students who are enrolling for their first semester (i.e. entrance term) in Fall 2012 are allowed to take the exam as a “free attempt.” Please consult your major professor and the departmental catalog for further instructions.

The structure of the Qualifying Exam has been revised as of Fall 2010 and comprises 16 questions that span different areas in computer engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering. The questions pertain to material covered in corresponding undergraduate courses (listed below). The majority of these courses were covered by the ECE qualifying exam administered over the past several years (see below for sample exams). Each student is required to select and answer any 8 questions out of the 16. No more than 8 questions are to be answered. Each question will be graded on a scale of 0 to 100, whereby passing the exam is conditioned upon receiving an average grade to be determined by the graduate committee and approved by the EECS faculty.

The following is a list of the topics covered by the 16 exam questions:

  1. Discrete Structures (CS311)
  2. Introduction to Logic Design (ECE255/CS160)
  3. Calculus (MTH141, MTH142, MTH231, and MTH241)
  4. Introduction to Programming (ECE206/CS102)
  5. Probability and Random Variables (ECE313)
  6. Computer Architecture and Organization (ECE355/451/CS160)
  7. Data Structures (CS140)
  8. Algorithms (CS302)
  9. Systems Programming and Operating Systems (CS360)
  10. Matrix Algebra (MTH251)
  11. Circuits (ECE201 and ECE202)
  12. Signals & Systems (ECE315 and ECE316)
  13. Electronics (ECE335 and ECE336)
  14. Power (ECE325)
  15. Introduction to Electromagnetics (ECE341)
  16. Introduction to Communications Systems (ECE342)

Historical Qualifying Examinations

Semester Exam
Fall 2014 EECS Exam
Spring 2014 EECS Exam
Fall 2013 EECS Exam
Spring 2013 EECS Exam
Fall 2012 EECS Exam
Spring 2012 EECS Exam
Fall 2011 EECS Exam
Spring 2011 EECS Exam
Fall 2010 ECE Exam
Spring 2010 ECE Exam
Fall 2009 ECE Exam
Spring 2009 ECE Session 1
ECE Session 2
Fall 2008 ECE Session 1
ECE Session 2
Spring 2008 ECE Session 1
ECE Session 2
Fall 2007 ECE Session 1
ECE Session 2
Spring 2007 ECE Session 1
ECE Session 2
Fall 2006 ECE Session 1
ECE Session 2
Fall 2005 ECE Session 1
ECE Session 2

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