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Senior Design

EECS Senior Design Procurement Procedures

– Revised Fall 2013

Project budgets are required from each project team prior to submitting an order request. Questions about project ordering or reimbursement can be answered by sending email to

Things to remember before sending order requests…

  • ALL orders are to be submitted AFTER budget approval from your Project Sponsor and Professor.
  • ALL orders must be tax-exempt sales.
  • ALL order requests must have a quote or identify vendor, part number, and price.
  • ALL orders must have sufficient lead time to be completed no later than 4 weeks from the end of Spring Semester.
  • Limit the number of vendors in order requests. Transaction costs and shipping are a significant expense.
  • NO services such as design, development, coding is permitted.
  • NO foreign transactions.

For items that EECS cannot order/pickup/etc…

  • All transactions for reimbursement must be approved BEFORE PURCHASE by the EECS Business Office.
  • You must have the printed paid receipt to MK401 for reimbursement.

Once the above are considered please email order requests to…

  • Please include the class (ECE400), Professor, and Team/Project identifier in the subject.
  • For example… “Subject: ECE400 Dr. Birdwell Clever Team/Project Name Newegg Order”

After your order is submitted…

  • You will receive email confirmation of order submission.
  • OR you will be notified by email of the order rejection.

You will be notified by email when requested orders have been delivered.  After notification pick up deliveries in MK108, between the hours of 8AM – 5PM M-F.

Example vendors…

  • Amazon
  • Allied
  • Bolt Depot
  • Digikey
  • Mouser
  • Newark
  • Tower Hobbies

Once again, all vendors must be tax exempt for the State of Tennessee.

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