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UT Policies

EECS Department purchasing activies are governed by one or more of the following University of Tennessee Fiscal Policies:

Non-Competitive Justification (NCJ)

In some cases there are goods and services that are not considered biddable or an emergency situation arises and makes bidding impractical. These would fall under the category of sole-source. To be considered for NCJ status, be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Name and address of the proposed vendor/contractor
  • A detailed description of goods and services to be acquired
  • A detailed explanation of the need for puchasing the goods and services
  • Were the goods and services purchased in the past?  If so, what procurement method was used.
  • Evidence of the proposed vendor/contractor’s experience and length of experience providing the goods and services
  • Describe the efforts used to identify reasonable and competitive procucrement alternatives
  • Describe why UT should use non-competitive negotiation rather than a competitive process.  Being the “only known” provider or “best” provider are not sufficient justications.

EECS Policies

The EECS staff will only process purchase requests to be funded by EECS financial account numbers.  If you are using another department’s account number, contact the other department’s business office for guidance.

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