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Determine requirements

Select one or more vendors

Submit the request to Orders

After the order is placed

  • All communications with the vendor after a purchase has been initiated are required to be through the purchasing agent.  Faculty and students are prohibited from directly changing the order in any way after an order is placed.  This includes adding, changing and deleting lines items and changing shipping terms.  The purchasing agent must request all changes.
  • You will be notifed when your items arrive.
  • If you have any quesitons about the status of your order, reply to the confirmation email sent to you after the first email was sent to Orders.

Common Problems

  • Failure to allow enough time to process and receive orders. Many vendors build-to-order. You may experience long lead times and lengthy shipping delays.
  • Ordering the wrong items that require returns.  Returns require considerable time to process.   Please order the correct items the first time.
  • Submitted an old or expired quote to Orders.  Expired quotes may not be honored by the vendor and will cause delays in the process.  Submit new quotes.
  • Failure to provide an appropriate and active financial account number.  Restricted accounts may prohibit the purchase of certain items.  Please contact the EECS Business Office if you are not certain.
  • We cannot purchase items from eBay or pay for items using PayPal.  Make sure your vendor accepts VISA credit cards or Purchase Orders.
  • Splitting order requests in order to circumvent Fiscal Policies, such as bid limits. Violaters are subject to disciplinary action.
  • Failure to respond to questions from the purchasing agent regarding your order.  If we don't hear from you, your order will not be processed.


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