Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

MATLAB, Simulink, and included Toolboxes

The unabridged MATLAB and Simulink Product List

As of October 30, 2012, the following toolboxes are included in the UT TAH contract:

  2. Simulink
  3. Aerospace Blockset
  4. Aerospace Toolbox
  5. Bioinformatics Toolbox
  6. Communications Blockset
  7. Communications System Toolbox
  8. Computer Vision System Toolbox
  9. Control System Toolbox
  10. Curve Fitting Toolbox
  11. DSP System Toolbox
  12. Data Acquisition Toolbox
  13. Database Toolbox
  14. Embedded Coder
  15. Filter Design Toolbox
  16. Financial Toolbox
  17. Fixed-Point Toolbox
  18. Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
  19. Gauges Blockset
  20. Global Optimization Toolbox
  21. Image Acquisition Toolbox
  22. Image Processing Toolbox
  23. Instrument Control Toolbox
  24. MATLAB Builder EX (for Microsoft Excel)
  25. MATLAB Builder JA (for Java- language)
  26. MATLAB Builder NE (for Microsoft .NET Framework)
  27. MATLAB Compiler
  28. MATLAB Report Generator
  29. Mapping Toolbox
  30. Model Predictive Control Toolbox
  31. Neural Network Toolbox
  32. Optimization Toolbox
  33. Parallel Computing Toolbox
  34. Partial Differential Equation Toolbox
  35. RF Toolbox
  36. Real-Time Windows Target
  37. Robust Control Toolbox
  38. Signal Processing Toolbox
  39. SimBiology
  40. SimEvents
  41. SimMechanics
  42. SimPowerSystems
  43. SimRF
  44. Simulink 3D Animation
  45. Simulink Coder
  46. Simulink Control Design
  47. Simulink Report Generator
  48. Simulink Verification and Validation
  49. Spline Toolbox
  50. Spreadsheet Link EX (for Microsoft Excel)
  51. Stateflow
  52. Stateflow Coder
  53. Statistics Toolbox
  54. Symbolic Math Toolbox
  55. System Identification Toolbox
  56. Wavelet Toolbox

Distributed Computing Server

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server, used in conjunction with Parallel Computing Toolbox, enables MATLAB and Simulink users to execute applications on a computer cluster. The toolbox provides constructs for users to prototype and test applications that solve computationally and data-intensive problems. Once the application runs on the desktop, a user can submit it to the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server product to harness the resources available in a computer cluster.

The Parallel Computing Toolbox has the ability to run four workers locally on a multiprocessor desktop. With the addition of the Distributed Computing Server and a 32- or 64-worker computer cluster, the Parallel Computing Toolbox user may submit programs to the a computer cluster for execution.

The Parallel Computing Toolbox is included in system-wide license. An unlimited license for the Distributed Computing Server is available in 32- and 64-worker versions only for an additional cost. The number of 32- and 64-worker clusters is unlimited, however cluster sizes larger than 64 workers are not supported under the site license agreement. Distributed Computing Server in 8-, 16-, 32-, 64-, 96-, 128-, and greater than 128-worker editions are available via standard academic pricing.

NOTE: For the Distributed Computing Server, a worker equals a core. For example, a dual processor, four-core system consumes eight workers.


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