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MATLAB System-wide License


The University of Tennessee has a system-wide license agreement with The MathWorks that makes MATLAB, Simulink and 54 other products available for free to all University of Tennessee faculty, staff, and students. The MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink products are computational software environments for use in engineering, mathematics, statistics, science and finance. The other 53 products are optional toolboxes that work within the MATLAB and Simulink environments. When we say MATLAB below, we mean this entire software suite.

The system-wide license agreement, called TAH (Total Academic Headcount), began July 1, 2008 and is renewed annually. The TAH license replaces all eligible licenses that UT has with The MathWorks. All existing active licenses with current Software Maintenance Services (SMS) were suspended and placed in storage. Should UT decide not to renew the TAH agreement, the stored licenses in the most recent version can be taken from storage after paying a one year maintenance fee. If people in the university have MATLAB installed and want to continue using their license, they may do so. However, if they want to upgrade to MATLAB 2008a or add any of the 54 other products, they must use the UT system-wide TAH license.

There are four major steps to follow to use the TAH license. 1. Create a MathWorks account. 2. Associate your account with the TAH license using the Activation Key that is included in the UT installation instructions. 3. Download MATLAB products from The MathWorks web site and install MATLAB software. The website is restricted to UT faculty, staff and students. 4. Activate the MATLAB software.

Instructions and activation keys can be downloaded from the OIT Internet Downloads site. A NetID and password are required for access.

The TAH MATLAB license also supports Network Concurrent installations. A FlexLM license server must be available to the client systems. The FlexLM software and license files can be selected and downloaded by only individuals who have TAH license Asset Manager privileges. UTK departments can either use the Campus network license server maintained by OIT Labs Services or maintain and use a departmental license server. Departmental lab administrators can avoid having to activate a MATLAB license on each workstation by directing those workstations to the Campus network license server. Send email to labs(at) to request use of the Campus license server. If you choose to run your own departmental license server, send your request for the network concurrent license files to stathelp(at) In your email, include the HOSTID and the Operating System of the computer that will run the license manager.

The TAH agreement includes direct support from The MathWorks. Problems with download, installation, and activation should be directed to MathWorks support. Extensive MATLAB tutorials are available to new and existing users.

Students have access to the same software as faculty. The MATLAB & Simulink Student Version is a separate product and is not included in the TAH agreement. The requirement for engineering students to purchase the student version has been removed from COE and UC Computer Store websites.

Questions about the TAH license agreement should be directed to Peter Sheridan, MathWorks Sales Representative, Phone: (508) 647−7176, Email: peter.sheridan(at)


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