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“Jerasure: A Library in C Facilitating Erasure Coding for Storage Applications, Version 2.0”

James S. Plank and Kevin M. Greenan

Published  January 27, 2014  as  ut-eecs-14-721

This paper descibes version 2.0 of jerasure, a library in C that supports erasure coding in storage applications. In this paper, we describe both the techniques and algorithms, plus the interface to the code. Thus, this serves as a quasi-tutorial and a programmer's guide. Version 2.0 does not change the interface of jerasure 1.2. What it does is change the software for doing the Galois Field back-end. It now uses GF-Complete, which is much more flexible and powerful than the previous Galois Field arithmetic library. In particular, it leverages Intel SIMD instructions so that Reed-Solomon coding may be blazingly fast. In order to user jerasure, you must first download and install GF-Complete. Both libraries are posted and maintained at


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