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Registering for Access to a TA/Class Account

Teaching assistants (TAs) for EECS classes must register for a TA account to gain access to special class materials, course Web site directories, etc. Registration is handled by the ta_register command, a shell script that creates SSH keys with a greater than twenty-character passphrase for the TA account. These keys will allow another script, ta_login, to access the account by using Daniel Robbins' keychain script and SSH-agent.

Each teaching assistant must register for a TA account. Passphrases are not to be shared among multiple TAs for a class.

Running the ta_register Script

To use the ta_register script, enter ta_register at a Linux prompt. The script will ask you to enter the name of the class for which you are a TA. Next, you will need to create a passphrase. A few things to keep in mind about passphrases:

After entering and confirming your passphrase, the key pair will be created. Example output from ta_register is provided below:

prompt> ta_register
What class are you a TA for? (e.g. cs160):
Enter passphrase (longer than 20 characters):
Enter the same passphrase again:
Press Enter to continue
Generating the key (this may take up to several minutes) ...
Notifying Labstaff ... done
After the labstaff grants you access to the class account, you can
use the 'ta_login //account//' command to access the class account.

Once the ta_register script has finished, you will need to wait for someone from the EECS IT Staff to inform you (via email) that the TA account is ready for use. When the TA account is ready, you may use the ta_login command to access it.

Changing Your Passphrase

To change the passphrase for your TA account, use the -–p option of ta_register as shown below.

prompt> ta_register --p
What class are you a TA for? (e.g. cs160):
Enter your current passphrase for this account:
Enter the same passphrase again:
Enter new passphrase (longer than 20 characters):
Enter the same passphrase again:
Your identification has been saved with the new passphrase.
Your passphrase has successfully been changed. Make sure that you
remember it and DO NOT write it down under ANY circumstances.

Note: This option should only be used if you currently have a TA account for this class. Otherwise, you should use the directions in Running the ta_register Script described above.

Special Note for CS 102 TAs

Teaching assistants for CS 102 must use ta_register only once, specifying cs102 as the class. You will be added to all of the section accounts after completing the TA account registration.

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