Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Remote Access

Please note that all EECS systems are only accessible to EECS faculty, students, and staff. Additionally, some systems may be restricted to specific research groups or individuals.

HostsOperating SystemSSH/X11-Forwarding?RealVNC?Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?
Hydra Lab
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7    
Tesla Lab

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Arc Lab
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7    ✗ 
VNC Virtual Lab
Ubuntu Linux  
ADA Research
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6      
ADA Research (Legacy)
CentOS Linux 5      
RD Servers
Windows Server 2008      

Connecting to Linux

All EECS Linux systems use your EECS username, as provided to you by the EECS IT Staff for login/authentication.

Accessing the shell remotely (SSH)

Accessing files remotely (SFTP/SCP)

Accessing the desktop remotely (RealVNC)

Other useful resources

Connecting to Windows

All EECS Windows systems use your UT NetID for login/authentication.

Note: All incoming traffic using the Windows RDP port, 3389, is filtered by OIT. To connect to an EECS Windows desktop from off-campus, you must first connect to the Network Connect VPN. Please see OIT's Knowledgebase article on accessing the Network Connect VPN.

Note: If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you may not be able to properly install the Network Connect VPN client software. Please try to use Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (Windows), or Safari (Mac). If you still cannot connect to the VPN, please contact OIT directly at

Accessing the desktop remotely (RDP)


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