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Microsoft Outlook 2010 IMAP Configuration

This document describes how to configure Microsoft Outlook 2010 for use with your EECS email account.

Using the Internet Connection Wizard

To setup Outlook from windows go to. Control Panel>Network and Internet>User Accounts>Mail. A popup called Mail setup will come up select E-mail Accounts. Click the button under the E-mail tab labeled New... This will let you add a new email account. You can add multiple email accounts in Outlook. Make sure to apply all property changes explained here to the account for the department email servers: Other email accounts and Internet service providers (ISPs) will have different server names and different setting requirements.

If you want to move your email account settings to a new computer, you can use OE's Import/Export feature. Select the account you want to move or copy and click the Export... button. This will save all of the account's settings into a file. You can then click the Import... button on another computer to read the settings from that file.

The tabs at the top of the Internet Accounts window allow you to display only a certain type of account at the same time, such as mail or USENET news accounts. The instructions in this document only pertain to email accounts.

In the Internet Accounts window, choose Add, then Mail... You will be presented with the Internet Connection Wizard. This is where you provide the most important information about your email account such as your name, the name of the email servers, and so on.


OE first prompts you for your display name. This is the name that will be attached to the outgoing email. In other words, this is your real name, not your email address. The second screen prompts you for your email address. This is your full EECS email address, e.g. if your username is jruser, your full email address is jruser(at)


Additional email account settings

After you have made all of the above changes, click the OK button and close the Internet Accounts window.

OE will ask you whether you want to download the new mail folders: choose Yes. Once everything is set up, OE should present you with a window similar to the one shown below.



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