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iPhone IMAP Configuration

This document describes how to configure the iPhone (version 3.x) for use with your EECS email account.

Navigate to the "Settings" app on your phone and select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", then select "Add account...".


EECS accounts use the "IMAP" protocol to retrieve email. Select "Other" on the "Add Account..." screen.


Since you are adding a new email account, select "Add Mail Account".


In the "New Account" screen, enter your name, EECS email address, and EECS password. You can also change the "Description" field to something like "EECS Email" if you like. When you are satisfied, hit "Save".


You will want to make the settings of your new account match the following:

Once you have added this information, hit Save.


After the account has been successfully created, select it under "Mail, Contacts, Calendars". Verify your settings:


Double check the settings for the "Outgoing Mail Server" by clicking on "" and making sure it is set as the primary server for this account.


Verify the settings for "".


Finally, return to the main settings page for your email account and select "Advanced". On this screen, you may select what folders in your EECS account will be used by the iPhone for drafts, sent mail, and deleted mail (trash). You may want to select the same folders you are using in other email clients. Be sure to double-check the "Incoming Settings". You may want to change the "IMAP Path Prefix" to "INBOX" to avoid having all email folders display as sub-folders of your inbox.


Your iPhone should now be ready for use with your EECS email acccount.


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