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Pine/Alpine IMAP Configuration

To use the “alpine” mail reader with our IMAP server edit the .pinerc file in your Linux home area.

  1. Change your “inbox-path” to read:


    Please replace USERNAME with your Linux username.
  2. Change the line containing default-fcc to read:

    Again, please replace USERNAME with your Linux username. This will copy all mail you send to the Sent folder in your imap namespace.
  3. Find the line containing “folder-collection” and change it to read:
    folder-collections=“IMAP Folders” {}INBOX.[]

    As always, please replace “USERNAME” with your Linux username.
  4. Then start alpine (/usr/bin/alpine) and press:

    S to enter the setup screen thenC to edit the options.
  5. Scroll down to Folder Preferences and enable the following options by pressing x:

    x combined-subdirectory-display
    x combined-folder-display
    x enable-dot-folders
    x enable-lame-list-mode
    x expanded-view-of-folders
    x vertical-folder-list
  6. E to exit the setup.
  7. Y to save the options.
  8. Q to exit alpine.
  9. Restart alpine and you may view your folders from the main interface with the L key.

You may also want to start alpine then go back to the configuration screen (S for the setup screen, then C for the configuration screen) and just browse the options. They're fairly self-explanatory and allow you to tune your alpine in very apparent (Colors for example) and in fairly subtle (whether you go to the next message if you attempt to scroll down past the end of a message) ways.


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