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Microsoft DreamSpark

What is it?

The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) is a set of online and offline services designed to help developers write applications using Microsoft products and technologies. Microsoft DreamSpark, previously the Microsoft MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDN-AA), provides faculty and students with the latest developer tools, servers, and platforms from MSDN at a minimal cost. Member departments may install the software on their lab machines for instructional and research purposes, and permit their faculty and students to install the software on their personal computers. The program helps members to keep their labs, faculty, and students on the leading edge of technology. It is available to departments in technical areas such as computer science, engineering, and information technology at universities, trade schools, and high schools worldwide. ELMS (e-academy License Management System) is a Web-based software distribution system that can be tailored to the needs of a member department.

DreamSpark does not provide free Microsoft software for anyone that requests it. The EECS program administrator is responsible for administering, managing, and enforcing the guidelines set by the MSDN End-User License Agreement (EULA) and the Microsoft DreamSpark License Amendment.

Who is eligible?

Current faculty, staff, and students in the EECS department are eligible for the program, while alumni students and students planning to take courses in the future are not.

Other UTK academic departments (including other College of Engineering departments) must apply for Microsoft DreamSpark membership directly with Microsoft and establish an infrastructure to support ELMS.

Please review the Microsoft DreamSpark FAQ for additional information.

How do I access the web store?

Visit to log into the DreamSpark WebStore.  You can also drag the button below to your browser's Bookmark Toolbar (Favorites Bar in Internet Explorer) for quick access later.

Note: If you are using the UTK WiFi to access Dreamspark, you will need to be using one of the encrypted networks (SSIDs ut-wpa2 or eduroam). For off-campus connections, please connect to the UTK VPN before logging in.

 Access Microsoft DreamSpark 

What technical support is available?

The EECS department does not provide technical support for products obtained through ELMS. The department is also not responsible for any damages that may result from proper or improper use of the software obtained through ELMS.

Limited support can be obtained from Microsoft, however, from the following resources:


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