Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Altium Designer 10

Creating an AltiumLive Account

If you have not previously used Altium Designer under the department's license, please contact IT Staff at ithelp(at) and await further instructions.

If you have previously used Altium Designer under the department's license, you should have received an email from Altium containing your login credentials. Your user name should be your UTK email address, e.g., user(at) If you have forgotten your password, you will need to go to and click the "Forgot Password?" to request a new password.

If you wish to upgrade to Altium 10 from an older version please contact IT Staff at ithelp(at) with the subject line Upgrade to Altium 10. Altium has moved to the new AltiumLive as the authentication method for Altium 10. All other instructions below apply to both versions.

Activating the Altium Designer License

  1. When opening Altium Designer for the first time, the My Account page will be displayed as below. Click the Sign In button at the top of the window.

  2. Please enter the login credentials sent to you by Altium. Usually, the user name will be your UTK email address, e.g., user(at)
  3. You will need to check the box "I have read and understand the warning" before proceeding to sign in. The image below shows the window after you have logged in.

  4. You should now see a section about licenses as shown in the above screenshot. Select the license file that has its status field set to "OK" and click on Use.
  5. The window should now say "Available Licenses - Licensed to University of Tennessee" as shown in the image below. You should now have a functioning license and be able to use Altium Designer.



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