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Windows Quick Reference

Locking your computer

Whenever you step away from your computer and out of the room, you should always ensure that no one else can sit down and begin using the computer under your account. To do this, you must lock the computer to prevent unauthorized use. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then click Lock Computer. Windows displays the “Computer Locked” dialog box indicating that your screen is now secure, preventing everyone except you or an EECS IT staff member from unlocking your system.

When you are ready to unlock the computer, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, type your password, and then click OK. Unlocking will return you to the standard desktop and any applications you may have been running before it was locked.

Note: Do not lock your computer if you are stepping away from a shared computer (e.g., Tesla lab computers) for more than a few minutes. If you need to leave the room for an extended period of time, please log out of the computer so that others may use it while you are gone.


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