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Why is it bad to put ‘.’ in the PATH variable?

Put simply, this is a very big security risk. To put it another way, it is for your own good.

Why is this a big security risk?

Imagine someone has access to write a file in an otherwise unharmful directory, like /tmp for example. Imagine now that someone wants to do harm. He saves his file (a shell script for example) as “ls".

Perhaps the file looks like this:

/bin/rm -drf ~/*

Once the file is saved, this person makes the file executable, and they place the file in /tmp.  Now, you cd to /tmp and type “ls“.  What happens?  Everything in your home area is deleted.

This is just one example of how having ‘.‘ in your path can be a very bad thing.

So, to execute programs that are in your current directory, you need to tell the system where it is, so we add ‘./‘ before the program name ‘a.out‘ giving us:


This is much safer, and much better.

Disclaimer: Please don’t try the above example. It WILL delete all of your personal files and directories. You have been warned.

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