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Synopsys Saber

Synopsys Saber is available on all EECS Linux lab systems (arc, hydra, cetus, etc.) as well as on many other Linux systems in the department. As of this writing (February 2010) the department has 50 concurrent licenses. If you receive a license error, wait a while and try again. If the error persists, please contact the EECS IT Staff.

Accessing Saber

To get access to Synopsys Saber, just add the following directory to your shell’s search path:


To determine which shell you are using run echo $SHELL from the command line.  If you are using the default zsh shell configuration provided by the EECS department, edit the file:


or for the bash shell, edit


Add the following line to the end of the file:

export PATH=/usr/local/synopsys_saber/ai_bin:$PATH

Start a new shell, terminal window, or log out and back in. You should now be able to start Synopsys Saber by typing saber at a shell prompt.

If you are using a different shell (e.g. bash or tcsh) please edit the appropriate shell initialization file. If you need help with adding a directory to your path, please contact the IT Staff.

Saber Component Command
Saber Simulator saber
Saber HDL Simulator saberhdl
Saber Sketch sketch
Saber Sketch HDL sketchhdl
SaberRT saberRT
Saber Guide guide
CosmoScope cscope
CosmoScope HDL scopehdl

Check the Saber install directory for additional tools.


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