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Adding an EECS Printer to Windows

Note:  This documentation is for unmanaged EECS computers and personal laptops, only.  For departmental computers that are managed by EECS IT, please send a help request for the printer to be added.


  1. Start up the Add Printer wizard. At the first screen, click “Next”.
  2. Select the “Local printer attached to this computer” radio button (I know its not attached, but that’s ok). You’ll probably also want to uncheck the “Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer”, as that will just take more time. Click the “Next” button.
  3. Select the “Create a new port” radio button, and set the type to be “Standard TCP/IP Port.” At this point when you click on the “Next” button, it will bring up a new window. Click the “Next” button there as well.
  4. Enter the printer hostname (e.g., et al.). Optionally, change the port name. Click the “Next” button.
  5. This last screen will show a summary. Here, the protocol field should say, “RAW, Port 9100” or “HP JetDirect Port.” If it doesn’t make sure the hostname was put in correctly. If that is not the case, check with the IT Staff ( to look at this for you, as there may be a problem with the printer. Otherwise, click the “Finish” button.
  6. Once the wizard moves on, select the manufacturer and model of the printer. If you cannot find it, you may need to download and install the driver for that printer (you can try “Windows Update” or google for the printer driver make/model). Next.
  7. Optionally, set a custom printer name, and make it the default printer. Next.
  8. On the sharing pane, select do not share. The printers here are for departmental use only and should not be shared. Next.
  9. Optionally, print a test page. Next.
  10. Review the fields and click the “Finish” button if they look fine.


Notes:  After installing the printer, if test pages or documents do not print properly or at all, do not keep trying to print.  Contact EECS IT to check on the status of the printer.  Often, someone has submitted a print job that has stalled in the queue, preventing your job from processing.  When this job is removed from the queue, all of your jobs will print.

Most EECS Department printers allow access only from within the UT campus network. If you need to print from off-campus, please connect to the UT VPN before trying to print.

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