Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Research Systems

The EECS department operates several research systems for varying purposes. Logins are not generally public, but can be granted upon request, potentially with other requirements.

Ada Linux Engineering Applications
CUDA Batch-queuing Cluster with Infiniband
Dedicated CUDA-capable systems 
Ohm Dr. Fathy's Research (Windows)
RD Windows Engineering Applications (Academic)

Lab Systems

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) operates computer and engineering facilities in the Min H. Kao Building that are available to EECS students, faculty, and staff for instructional and research purposes. Access is restricted to users with EECS accounts.

By using the computing facilities maintained by EECS, you are indicating awareness of and agreeing to comply with the University of Tennessee Acceptable Use Policy and other relevant university computing policies.

It is strongly recommended that you review these policies.

Open Access LabsLocationDescription
Tesla (Windows) Min Kao 418 Dell OptiPlex 9020 Minitower
Hydra (Linux) Min Kao 421 Dell OptiPlex 9010 Minitower
VNC (Linux) Virtual Lab Dell Precision WorkStation T3500
Vector (Windows) Min Kao 217 Dell Optiplex 755n Desktop
Arc (Linux) Min Kao 228 Dell Optiplex 755n Desktop
Class-restricted LabsLocation
Digital Systems Min Kao 224
Digital Systems Min Kao 225
Communications Min Kao 226
Power Min Kao 227
VLSI Min Kao 228
Controls Min Kao 229
Electromagnetics Min Kao 329
Antenna Min Kao 330
Electronics Min Kao 331
Circuits Min Kao 332
Circuits Min Kao 333
Programming Clinic Min Kao 416

Lab Hours

The computer labs are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:30pm.

Legend:    Tesla Tesla (Min Kao 418)   Hydra Hydra (Min Kao 421)


After-hours Access for the Min H. Kao Building

Individuals that have been issued keys and/or magnetic cards to gain access to the labs may do so after-hours (i.e., when the labs are closed).

If you enter the labs after-hours, you are responsible for the security of the computer equipment. To assist in this effort, please comply with the following rules:


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