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If you don't find a solution to your problem in our Knowledge Base, contact us directly:

  1. If your issue is related to CURENT hardware or software,
    please contact CURENT IT Support at ithelp(at)
  2. Submit the IT help request form below (preferred)
  3. Email us at ithelp(at)
  4. Call us during normal business hours at 865-974-2735
  5. Visit us in the Min H. Kao Building, Suite 423

Current/Recent Events

Storage Server Hardware Problems

The EECS IT staff is currently investigating what appear to be hardware problems with one of our central file servers. Any home areas or research-group storage on that system will not be available until we isolate and fix the issue. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. Check back here or @utkeecsit on twitter for updates.

Update: (8:40pm) While we have not yet fixed the problems with our storage server, we are in the process of standing up a temporary replacement. Yet, it will take several hours to transfer all the data between the systems. We do not have a specific estimate on how long the process will take, but we will bring up the files as they finish transferring. We will likely have the replacement finished some time tomorrow. We appreciate your patience.

Update: Faculty home areas, /research, and /storage data from the affected system is all back online. We are still restoring student home areas.

Conclusion: For now, all storage on the affected system is back online. We will continue to post updates about the status of our investigation here will let everyone know when we plan to move everyone back onto a permanent system. Thank you everyone for you patience through this ordeal.

Student Storage Quotas Raised - April 8, 2014

The EECS IT Staff has raised quotas on student home/storage areas to 5GB. If you find that your quota is less than this, please contact us.

Scheduled EECS Storage Maintenance - March 20, 2014

All central EECS storage will be taken down for maintenance and to bring two new storage servers online. The downtime will start at 6:00pm and is expected to last a few hours.

Before this time, please log out of any and all systems, Windows or Linux. Since many storage areas will be moved around, processes still running will likely never recover.

Effected services include:

Scheduled EECS Storage Maintenance - December 17, 2013

All EECS storage servers will be shutting down for regular maintenance starting tomorrow, December 17, 2013 at 5:00pm. Maintenance should only last a few hours.

Before this time, please save all open files and log off to ensure as few problems as possible, since this will affect nearly all user services.

New EECS Web Mail - June 28, 2013

The EECS IT Staff has moved to a new product for EECS web mail, Roundcube. It has a more modern look and feel, as well as better interfaces with EECS email systems, and gives access to post-procmail, server-side mail rules for vacation replies and other things. If you used our older Squirrelmail, then please give the new one a try, and let us know if you have any problems with it.

Remote Desktop Requires VPN - March 1, 2013

Beginning on March 1, the University will be requiring the use of UT's Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to Windows computers via remote desktop when accessing them from off-campus. This means you will need to log into and start a "Network Connect" session before you can get a remote desktop connection to any UTK Windows system, including any EECS computers to which you currently have access.

Again, this will only be required for connections from off-campus.

The EECS IT Staff cannot circumvent this requirement as it is implemented network-wide.

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