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Unigraphics 8.0 Designer Needed

Unigraphics 8.0 designer needed for a business in Knoxville, TN.  We also have a similar opening in Farmington Hills, MI.

We design speakers and speaker enclosures in Knoxville.  The CAD Designer I'm looking for would need to have an ability to create 3D models and include surfacing, GD&T, and data transfer skills.

Many times the surfaces are Class A surfaces which means the customer can see the enclosure in the car.  The CAD Designer needs to create files that include texture.  Most surfaces of the enclosure are curved, so someone who is used to taking away only straight lines usually has problems with our drawings.

The ideal candidate must understand GD&T so they can place the part within the overall car model, look at mounting locations, and ID potential problems with other parts and wires in and around the enclosures.

We’re willing to relocate the right person, and our pay and benefits are competitive.


To Apply, please contact:

Bill Weeks



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