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Two Opportunities at The Institute for Nuclear Security

The Institute for Nuclear Security is working on a couple projects involving radiation detection and anomaly detection, and it has two spots opening up for interested EECS students.

The first project is a three year effort funded by DTRA (currently 18 months in) and involves radiation detection from multiple autonomous aircraft. We have a student who is graduating in May whose position we need to fill. I believe that the expertise needed for this would be best filled by a CS student. Specifically, the student would be working on an Bayesian based algorithm to fuse data from multiple detectors, update a probability density field with the detector results, and update aircraft flight paths as a result of the of the new search space probabilities. Preferably, I’d like to hire a senior that’s transitioning to a master’s degree in January that’s familiar with Python and handling large datasets. We can bring them up to speed on the drone control systems and radiation detection parts. The funding for this position ends in June of 2020 so the student would need to be able to complete their graduate work within that time or finish up on other funding (perhaps a TA position). The student would have to be a US citizen.

The second project is a two year effort funded by DHS that we just started, involving anomaly detection. This project would require a student that’s experienced in python but not to the degree of the previous opportunity. If we could get a junior we can support an undergrad for two years assisting two nuclear engineering graduate students at ORNL in parsing data from multiple sensors including LiDAR, video, and radiation detectors. The student worker needs to be a US citizen that could, if required, obtain a DOE Q clearance.

To apply, please contact:

Matt Cook

Institute for Nuclear Security

University of Tennessee, Knoxville



Posted 11-27-2018

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