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SPRING & SUMMER 2018 CO-OP VACANCIES- Southern Company

The Southern Company system consists of Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Gulf Power, Mississippi Power, Southern Company Gas, Southern Nuclear, Southern Power, SouthernLinc, Southern Telecom and PowerSecure.  This document is designed to provide you with a general overview of the different departments within Southern Company and the specific opportunities that we have available within those departments. 

GENERATION (making electricity): This group is responsible for designing, operating, and maintaining over 70 fossil and hydro plants across our system.  Opportunities are available in both plant and office settings.

NUCLEAR (making electricity): Southern Nuclear operates 4 Nuclear facilities located in Georgia and Alabama.  Southern Nuclear is credited with leading the Nuclear renaissance as it is building the nation’s 1st new nuclear sites in 30 years.  Opportunities are available in the industrial plant environment.

TRANSMISSION (transmitting electricity): This group designs and maintains our high voltage power grids including over 27,000 miles of lines and 3,700 substations.  Most opportunities include both field and office work.

DISTRIBUTION (distributing electricity):  This group serves as the face of the company, delivering power to 4.4 million customers serviced by Southern Company.  Opportunities include field work and customer interaction.

CORPORATE SUPPORT: This group includes our support functions such as Accounting, Marketing, Rates, Sales, etc. and is suited to those individuals with an interest and aptitude in business applications.

SOUTHERN COMPANY GAS (SouthStar Energy): This group markets natural gas.  Opportunities include data analysis, modeling, forecasting, trading support and is suited to those individuals with an interest and aptitude in business applications.


PLANT OPERATIONS (Making Electricity)

Responsibilities include engineering related projects such as installation, calibration and performing inspections on equipment.  Gain knowledge of boilers, turbines, pumps, control systems, motors and switchgears and will address problems that affect unit/plant performance, reliability, efficiency, safety, environmental compliance and cost.  Additional tasks may include collecting and testing various samples from the plant (i.e., water, coal, fly ash) and taking vibration and meter readings for performance data.  Duties also include interpreting and maintaining blueprints, diagrams and plant system drawings, use of AutoCAD and participating in equipment testing and addressing corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance issues in electrical and mechanical areas.


  • Plant Bowen – Euharlee, GA – EE – 1 position Spring GPC2005627


  • Plant Crist – Pensacola, FL – EE, ME, ChemE – 1 position Spring FPC2001388


Generation Support is comprised of teams that lead operations support and maintenance support for the Southern Power generating fleet as well as the Southern Power monitoring and diagnostic and remote operations centers.  The renewables support organization is responsible for performing and managing operations and maintenance (O&M) of Southern Power’s solar and wind fleets. The group is divided into solar O&M and wind O&M. The candidate interested in power plant operations arena (gas, biomass or renewable).  Candidate will need strong investigative skills as it relates to plant operations and maintenance. Business acumen and an ability to communicate very well in person and in writing are important.

  • Southern Power – Birmingham, AL – EE, ME, ChemE – 1 position Spring 2018 SCS2006152


SOUTHERN NUCLEAR (Nuclear Generation of Power)

Responsibilities include maintaining plant schedules, collecting data for systems performance evaluation, maintaining plant procedures, and assisting engineers with special studies and projects. Other duties may include testing, monitoring and trending of equipment and nuclear fuel; supporting plant maintenance; and supporting plant operations.   He or she will also assist with initiation of changes to hardware; procedures and training that enhance plant performance. Assignments will vary for each work term based on project needs.  Student will gain practical work experience and developmental opportunities.


  • Plant Hatch – Vidalia, GA – EE, ME, ChemE – 2 positions Spring SNC2004711
  • Plant Vogtle 1&2 – Waynesboro, GAME, EE, NE, ChemE – 3 positions Spring SNC2004734
  • Plant Vogtle 3&4 – Waynesboro, GA – ME, EE, NE, ChemE – 5 positions Spring SNC2004733
  • Plant Farley – Dothan, AL – ME, EE – 4 positions Spring SNC2004712
  • SNC Nuclear Fuel – Birmingham, AL – NE – 1 position Spring SNC2004735
  • SNC Procurement Engineering – Birmingham, Al – EE, ME, MSE, Supply Chain – 2 positions Spring, 3 Summer SNC2004767

TRANSMISSION – (Transmission of Power)

Students will learn the fundamentals of electrical power system field operations. The experience will include commissioning, testing, inspecting, and troubleshooting protection relays and control schemes in power substations. The student will be exposed to the daily operations of substation equipment. Students will also support efforts to respond to Transmission System outages and malfunctions as well as assist in coordinating maintenance activities performed by crew personnel.


  • Transmission DMS Lines – Forrest Park, GA – EE, ME – 1 position Spring SCS2006879, 1 position Summer (Bham) SCS2006880
  • Transmission DMS Subs – Birmingham, AL -EE, ME – 1 position Spring SCS2006882
  • Transmission DMS P&C – Forrest Park, GA -EE, ME– 1 position Spring SCS2006883, 1 position Summer SCS2006886
  • Transmission EMS – Birmingham, AL -EE, ME – 1 position Spring SCS2006884
  • Transmission Planning – Atlanta, GA – EE– 1 position Summer SCS2006887


  • P&C Field Services – Hueytown, AL – EE, ME 2 positions Spring APC2004883


  • TBU- Pensacola, FL – EE, ME, CE–1 position Spring FPC2001376


  • Transmission – Gulfport, MS – EE, ME – 1 position Spring MPC2001570


DISTRIBUTION AND POWER DELIVERY (Electricity Delivered to your Home or Business)

Responsibilities include assisting engineers with design and all other phases of field projects; drawing memos and maintaining all power delivery computer systems; assisting with outdoor lighting projects by meeting with customers, staking poles and completing necessary paperwork; engineering projects; preparing permits when needed, initiating job orders, performing fault/start current calculations, file checking and closing out jobs; and in general, providing support for engineers in the Power Delivery Department and Region offices. You must have a valid driver’s license.


  • Power Delivery –Pelham, AL- EE, ME, CE–1 position, Spring APC2004878
  • Power Delivery –Jasper, AL- EE, ME, CE–1 position, Spring APC2004879
  • Power Delivery –Auburn- EE, ME, CE–1 position, Spring APC2004881
  • Power Delivery Planning –Birmingham, AL- EE, ME–1 position, Spring APC2004900
  • Power Delivery Student Engineer (Part-Time) –Tuscaloosa, AL- EE, ME–1 position, Ongoing (hire Spring) APC2004902


  • Distribution – Macon, GA – EE, ME – 1 position Spring GPC2005654
  • Distribution – Columbus, GA – EE, ME – 1 position Spring GPC2005655
  • Distribution – Carrolton, GA – EE, ME – 1 position Spring GPC2005656
  • Distribution – Valdosta, GA – EE, ME – 1 position Spring GPC2005657


  • Distribution – Panama City, FL – EE, ME, CE–1 position Spring FPC2001377
  • Distribution – Panama City, FL – EE –1 position Summer FPC2001376


  • Electric Operations -Hattiesburg, MS – EE, ME, CE–1 position, Spring MPC2001568
  • Electric Operations -Gulfport, MS – EE, ME, CE–1 position, Spring MPC2001571
  • Electric Operations -Meridian, MS – EE, ME, CE–1 position, Summer MPC2001569


CORPORATE BUSINESS SUPPORT (Includes Finance, Supply Chain, Research and Marketing & Sales)

Corporate Marketing Department

Students will have a variety of experiences that will provide them an opportunity to work with and learn about pricing, market research, statistical analysis, and market reporting functions within the organization.

Finance – SCS

Position supports financial planning, analysis, regulatory and budgeting needs for Southern Company and its subsidiaries. Responsibilities include understanding and developing systems and tools, examining and improving processes, reporting and serving as an extension of organizations the Financial Systems team supports when necessary.

  • Financial Systems – Atlanta – IE with Econ/Fin emphasis – 1 position Spring SCS2006903

Gulf Power Company

  • Market Research and Planning – Pensacola, FL – MIS, ISE, CS, or ISOM – 1 position Spring FPC2001378

Research and Environmental Affairs (R&EA)

The Research and Environmental Affairs organization ensures Southern Company is an environmental and technology leader in the production, delivery, and end use of electricity.  The department develops and provides sound scientific and economic information to inform decision makers on proposed environmental regulations and legislation, develop and demonstrate cost-effective technology options and develop and implement strategies for compliance with existing and new environmental requirements. Assisting Research Engineers in theoretical, laboratory, and field evaluations of various emerging technologies. Participation in the experimental setup and configuration of these projects will be required, as well as monitoring and maintaining projects. Assisting project managers in preparation of reports, data analysis, lab setup, and procurement and configuration of hardware and software will be part of this position.


  • Energy End Use – Birmingham, AL – EE, ME 1 position Spring SCS2006865
  • Transmission & Distribution R&D – Birmingham, AL – EE, ME 1 position Spring SCS2006888


To apply, please visit:

The Southern Company website jobs page


Posted 9-21-2017

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