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Seeking Advanced Mobile App Developer

In 2012, we started a cell phone app called You Are Linked to Resources with articles and resources for people seeking resources about substance use disorder. We originally estimated that we would only have about 200 links in the app. However we now have over 25,000. Because the number of links in our app is so much bigger than we ever thought it would be in 2012, we want to redesign the app and convert it to a SQL database based app. We have worked with about 8 different developers since 2016 to redesign the app with no success to this point. We are looking for an experienced alumnus who is seeking work who could complete this app development for us. From our work with other developers, we have an extremely detailed scope of work and set of deliverables. If interested, we will provide detailed spreadsheets with specific tasks. We also mock-ups of UI screens. The following represent only overarching tasks and goals.

Currently, our app provides over 25,000 different links and resources for victims and families of victims of drug abuse. The app is powered by using an XML file that is stored in Firebase.

For our first stage, we want to move our old XML files to a new, updated, database. We need to:

  • Setup the development environment for the project
  • Setup code repositories
  • Securely configure and setup the database and the access credentials
  • Create the necessary database migration scripts from the XML structure
  • Category/Sub-category/Section/Subsection mapping definitions
  • Create an authentication/authorization login system
  • Create the ability to create/edit/delete categories and n-deep nested sub-categories
  • Legacy Data: Create a database import script that can parse the XML file and insert the existing records into the database
  • Web Portal Development – Front end/Back end

We need an experienced developer who understands SQL database creation and maintaining that is also willing to instruct our employees on how to add data to the database.

Our goals with our app redesign:

  • Be able to power our iOS and Android Apps with the Database
  • Provide an online web-based application to customers, also powered by the database
  • Have our app use Google and Apple’s native UI (currently, the app uses a web-based UI)
  • Integrate advanced search functionalities
  • Being able to bookmark favorite articles
  • Push notifications for specific topics


Ongoing project: Developer

Project Stage: Fully Specified

Devices: iPhone, Android

Project Type: Ongoing project


Interested developers should email a resume to:


Posted 5-29-19

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