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Opportunities through Wingate Dunross, Inc.

Attention Memory Architects, Process Engineers, Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Materials Scientists, Engineering Executives, etc.

Wingate Dunross, Inc. is currently very busy with a number of outstanding retained search opportunities ranging from individual contributor to C-level executives.  Please take a look at these available positions and let me know if you have interest or referrals.

(1) This long-term client (where I have made 20 placements to date) is a small company in startup mode that has developed a new generation of memory called NRAM (non-volatile random access memory). This new super-fast, ultra-high density memory replaces both DRAM and flash in a single chip, while also delivering the low power, high speed, reliability, and endurance needed to drive the next wave of electronics innovation.


(A) Director/Senior Director, Systems Solutions (Nonvolatile Memory)  — ANY USA location.


Develop and communicate enterprise systems solutions using next-generation nonvolatile memory. Manage relationships with enterprise systems customers’ engineering teams. Write papers and speak at conferences to explain systems value of nonvolatile memory.   Participate in industry standards groups such as JEDEC. Interact with chip design team to optimize product for customer use.


The applicant must have over 10 years experience in a leading memory manufacturer or enterprise systems company, or other direct job experience with the use of memory in enterprise systems architectures. Experience in both engineering design management as well as product management beneficial. Masters degree required. PhD or MBA a plus.


  • Must be a strong communicator with customers
  • Ability to write clearly and concisely in both text and Powerpoint documents
  • Deep knowledge of the use of memory in enterprise system architecture
  • Effective at presentation of ideas

LOCATION: Flexible, must be willing to travel.


(B) Senior Analytical/Materials Characterization Scientist II

 (Woburn, MA)

They are also currently looking for a senior Analytical/Materials Characterization Scientist to broaden their understanding of nanomaterial colloidal dispersions and resulting thin films, useful for advanced electronic application. The candidate will contribute strong technical leadership to their analytical organization, with breadth of experience in multiple characterization techniques and a well developed quantitative orientation. The position will report to the Analytical Department Lead, located at the Woburn, Massachusetts site.

Job Description:

Analytical or Materials Scientist with 5-10 years of experience preferably in characterizing thin films as well as their colloidal precursors. The successful candidate will be an integral part of the product development effort to create new carbon nanotube and other nanoparticle based products. You will be involved with new materials discovery efforts, as well as with engineering process development. Activities will include establishment of known, fundamental analytical tools and procedures for characterizing thin films and colloids, as well as developing new methods, where required, to characterize complex formulations. You will also be responsible for supporting analytical protocol development, and creation and execution of statistically designed experiments. You must be able to organize, interpret, and communicate analytical results to the organization. Experience in new product development with colloidal systems and/or liquid carbon formulations is highly desirable. Experience in specifying new equipment, designing an analytical laboratory for colloidal fluid characterization and setting up data handing systems also a plus.

This is a very exciting opportunity to work on the cutting-edge of a CNT based nanomaterial with excellent commercialization potential. The successful candidate will be central in building out the existing analytical organization to support the R&D and Process Design Engineering efforts in a start-up environment. We are looking for an innovative builder. This is a technical, “hands on” position, for a senior Physical Scientist with strong analytical and general metrology skills. Requires working collaboratively with the rest of the development organization. The successful candidate will have the creative energy, ingenuity and enthusiasm to successfully meet the materials development challenges.


  • Physico-chemical characterization of thin films and colloids. Must have “Hands on” familiarity with equipment such as:
  • TEM, SEM, XPS, Auger, Ellipsometer, Stress measurements, AFM, Light Scattering, Zeta Potential, sedimentation tests, FTIR, Raman; TGA, DSC
  • Relating solution properties to structure property relationships in thin films
  • Liquid carbon material formulations properties and characterization
  • Colloidal systems stability and characterization resulting in long shelf life colloids as precursors to high purity, low defect electronic grade thin films.
  • Understanding of statistical methods and programming skills – experience with R a plus.
  • Very comfortable with statistically designed experiments, and model creation. Establishing SPC metrics to demonstrate process control and monitoring improvement efforts, creation of SOP’s. Calculational methods experience a plus


Education: PhD Chemistry/Physics/Material Science/Metrology or equivalent science also acceptable. 

Experience: analytical chemist, colloid scientist, physical or metrology, PhD with more than 5 – 10 years’ experience in an industrial setting with focus on material or chemical system characterization.

Strong Quality system skills a plus: e.g., Six Sigma (6σ), lean, iso 9001, SPC tools etc.

Knowledge preferred but not required:
Knowledge of carbon nanotubes 
Analytical techniques for carbon nanotube analysis.


(C) Senior CMOS Process Engineer (Beijing, China)

Job Description:

PhD in Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Chemistry, Physics or related with fab experience. This position is to work hands on in the Beijing partner fab with partner fab engineers. Familiarity with spin coating processes (e.g. photoresist, spin on dielectrics, etc.) and other fab tools (including thin film metrology and analysis tools) is a plus. Main responsibilities will be to rapidly and accurately transfer improvements in CNT memory technology to the partner fab as well as continuous improvement in fab process and CNT memory device. Excellent communication skills are required in English and Mandarin Chinese.

This is a very exciting opportunity to work on the cutting edge of a CNT based “emerging memory” technology as it ramps production. By forming good relationships, you will have unique visibility into the production fab and the R&D facilities continuously improving the CNT device. This is a technical, “hands on” position, for a Senior Process Engineer with strong fabrication skills and a desire to rapidly learn and improve. Requires working collaboratively with the rest of the development organization and the fab partner. The successful candidate will have the creative energy, ingenuity and enthusiasm to successfully meet the development and production challenges.


  • Continue implementation of CNT process as production ramps.
  • Improve fab process for better performance, lower defects, higher reliability and lower cost.
  • Understand and explore effect of process parameters, recipes, materials, etc. on CNT memory devices with goals to continuously improve performance and reliability.
  • IIndependent thinking and ownership of this partner fab project while working closely with process integration and CNT development organizations.
  • Plan and implement statistically designed experiments, SPC and model creation.
  • Communicate well across cultures and time zones between Company and partner.


Education: PhD Electrical Engineering, Chemistry/Physics/Material Science or equivalent science also acceptable.

Experience: PhD with fab experience in an academic or industrial setting with focus on wafer processing.

Strong Quality system skills a plus: e.g., 6 sigma, lean, iso 9001, SPC tools etc.


(2) Great NEW Client Opportunities (My client manufactures gem-quality synthetic diamonds that are comparable in quality to natural diamonds, without the ethical problems of dealing with “conflict” regions)

(A) Manufacturing Process Engineer (San Carlos, CA)

Company Info: We are looking for an ambitious and hands-on engineer to take responsibility for characterizing, maintaining, and improving methods of operating high tech plasma based manufacturing equipment. You’ll be working with an experienced team of mechanical, electrical, and materials engineers, and will be encouraged to gain experience in different areas. The position will involve hands-on work with complex semiconductor style plasma CVD manufacturing equipment, and will focus on characterizing performance, improving stability, and incremental improvements of production metrics.

Duties for this position include:

  • Evaluating and characterizing data produced by our production operations
  • Identifying correlations between key equipment metrics and product quality
  • Plan and execute process improvements to improve product quality and yield
  • Troubleshooting issues with the production line, creating working groups with a multidisciplinary team

when needed for difficult challenges

  • Support R&D by creating and running experiments, analyzing data
  • Improving effectiveness of various manufacturing processes by comparing production rates and costs


  • Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Mechanical/Electrical/Chemical Engineering, or similar field
  • 3+ years of hands on experience in a manufacturing or production lab environment
  • Comfortable working hands on with complicated equipment
  • Ability to extract and analyze data using tools such as SQL, and statistical software such as JMP
  • Detail oriented mindset
  • Effective communication, must be comfortable working closely with team members
  • Flexible, independent, and adept at working in a fast paced environment

A qualified candidate will have a subset of these skills:

  • Software: JMP or other statistical analysis package
  • Knowledge of UHV vacuum manufacturing, including equipment and practices
  • Proficient writing queries in SQL, and/or NoSQL
  • Experience working hands-on with semiconductor style manufacturing equipment
  • Firm grasp of concepts such as Six Sigma and design of experiments

We are a well funded startup team. Title and compensation will be commensurate with experience and include equity.


(B) Equipment Engineer, Electrical (San Carlos, CA)Company Info: We are a small a team of veteran engineers and scientists building a business which spans from atom to consumer. We are looking for an ambitious and hands-on engineer to take responsibility for characterizing, maintaining, improving and designing control systems for high tech manufacturing equipment. You’ll be working with an experienced team of mechanical, electrical, and materials engineers, and will be encouraged to gain experience in different areas. The position will involve hands-on work with complex semiconductor style plasmaCVDmanufacturing equipment.

Duties for this position include:

  • Working hands on with pressure sensors, MFCs, vacuum pumps, PLCs, Power supplies, pneumatic valves

and controls, servo/stepper/AC-VFD motors, flow/temperature/optical sensors and devices, pumps, etc.

  • Developing and testing qualification procedures for manufacturing system controls
  • Improving operation and maintenance procedures for electrical and pneumatic and control systems
  • Supporting plant expansion efforts, including installation of new equipment, facility design, safety


  • 1st line of defense for engineering level troubleshooting of faulty devices, finding the root cause of

failures, and designing fixes


  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, or similar field
  • 3+ years of hands on experience in Equipment Engineering, Product Design, NPI, or Manufacturing
  • Ability to confidently operate complicated prototype equipment
  • Independent problem solver with a desire to learn new skills
  • Detail oriented mindset
  • Effective communication, must be comfortable working closely with team members
  • Flexible, and adept at working in a fast paced environment

A qualified candidate will have a subset of these skills:

  • Experience in development and NPI, including designing and releasing parts and BOMs through ECOs
  • Knowledge of UHV vacuum manufacturing, including sensors, controls systems, and best practices
  • Experience with Labview
  • Programming and troubleshooting PLC’s
  • Experience with any material science style metrology systems
  • Hands on experience building/wiring electrical hardware
  • Experience working with lasers and laser safety
  • Developing test and assembly instructions
  • Knowledge of electrical design best practices and electrical safety standards


(3)VP of Engineering (Ventura)

My client in Ventura, CA has retained me on a set of exciting new searches in the field of 3D Printing, one of the hottest growth fields in the high-technology world.

Imagine a world where everybody can create.
Imagine the fastest and the most accurate 3D Printer.
Imagine a 3D Printer really easy-to-use.
A 3D Printer perfect for the industrial and professional users.
A 3D Printer driven by an Intelligent System, by a Cognitive System.
The Best Technology in The Best Design.

About My Client:

This repeat-Client is a 3D printing startup that integrates the latest exponential technologies in components, sensors, optical systems and chemistry to apply Moore’s Law to a new, proprietary 3D Printing technology. The result is a desktop, professional 3D Printer that takes 3D Printing from hours to minutes making it FASTER, with a LARGER build volume, at HIGHER resolutions and a LOWER cost. They’re doing this with a user experience and a design oriented approach making their 3D technology elegant and compact.

Their 3D printer has been designed to offer the best and the smartest ultra-fast 3D Printing experience, from a clean cartridge system to a complete cognitive hardware and stand-alone technology that let users adopt this machine quickly in any kind of environment and for any type of usage.

We are currently hiring for the position of VP of Hardware Engineering and R&D in our Ventura California facility. This is rare and unique opportunity to build and scale the engineering department of a mixed hardware/firmware and software team.

As VP of Hardware Engineering and R&D you will be working on the definition and execution of the 3DPrinter roadmap and product delivery, expanding the technical capabilities of the organization, building hardware/firmware teams, managing multiple products and research projects, and working with our manufacturing partners.


  • Degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Computer Engineering
  • Experience in building and leading multi-disciplinary engineering team
  • Experience in fully bringing a product to market from concept to manufacturing
  • Experience in Project and Product Management
  • Experience in exploring and validating capabilities and techniques across chips, materials and manufacturing processes
  • Experience in Visual, UX design, Product Design, Industrial Design
  • Experience developing Proof of Concepts
  • Experience developing formal requirements
  • Experience in Rapid Prototyping
  • Experience in Hardware/Firmware Project Management
  • Experience managing Low Production Runs
  • Experience managing IP and Patent Application process

Additional Information

Ventura based start-up 
Flexible vacation/sick days
Medical Insurance reimbursement
Exciting work in the 3D printing field
Office snacks and drinks



If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please respond with a resume. Referrals and recommendations are also welcomed.


Best Regards,


Nicholas Meyler

President/GM, Technology

Wingate Dunross, Inc.

ph (818)597-3200 ext. 211


Posted 9-13-2017

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