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Masters/senior undergraduate students who are interested in data science

I am looking for a masters/senior undergraduate student interested in a project in data science. The problem involves testing and studying a novel algorithm for community detection. Specifically, if one is provided with a large graph of a social network, how does one detect communities from this graphical data. You could get involved either as a programmer and implement the algorithm and test it on various data sets.

In this case you will be hired as a programmer and you will be paid on an hourly basis. On the other hand, if you are interested to pursue this project as part of your masters thesis, you will undertake a more careful and thorough study of the algorithm and provide some guarantees on the time-complexity and correctness of the algorithm. The latter will involve literature survey and studying topics such as Markov chains among others. You are welcome to contact me ( for more details.



Arun Padakandla


Posted 11-25-19

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