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Computing Project at UT Medical Center

Help create an algorithm for physicians to use when prescribing therapy to COPD patients.  We will have all of the factors that will make up the algorithm, but need someone to translate it for use on a computer.

Earn some money and forge potential future collaborations with the Dept. of Medicine at UT.  This project may possibly lead to a patent, too.

While it may require a face-to-face meeting once in a while (infrequently), the work can be done remotely.

The qualified candidate should be able to translate information from clinical decision-makers (for example: if a patients has x, y, and z, we recommend inhalers; but if the patients has a, b, and c, we recommend nebulizers) into a computer algorithm that clinicians can use when seeing new patients.  (If successful, it could be used widely!)


To apply, please e-mail or call:

Dr. Paul Terry

(865) 305-9341 or (865) 982-7900


Posted 2-7-2018

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