Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Workshop on the Development of a Next-Generation Cyberinfrastructure

Where: The Washington Campus facilities at 1150 18th Street NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC, 20036
When: October 1-2, 2014

Workshop Announcement
NSF is sponsoring a workshop on the development of a next-generation, interoperable, federated, networking cyberinfrastructure (CI). Federation has become an important tool in building cyberinfrastructure. Multiple federated systems have grown up via parallel evolution in the GENI, Cloud and Grid communities. As distributed computing, high-performance computing, and advanced networking are brought together to solve next generation problems it is important to identify cross-community common supporting elements and technologies for federation. The workshop will bring together a diverse group of networking and CI community leaders to discuss development of next-generation, interoperable, federated, networking CI. This process of building this CI is already underway in the form of shared and federated infrastructure operated by formal and ad hoc collaborations among researchers and infrastructure owners, however, these collaborations are in large part operating without the benefit of consensus approaches for integration and federation. Creating consensus will require discussion and research among the networking and CI community and their leaders to identify and address the challenging problems in the federation and interoperability of existing and future federated and non-federated cyberinfrastructures. We request networking and cyberinfrastructure community leaders to participate to make this workshop a success.

Call for Position Papers
The workshop organizers encourage all participants to submit an optional POSITION PAPER. Position papers will be used to gauge participants' interests and to structure discussions during the workshop. If you choose to submit one, your position paper should relate to ongoing research or cyberinfrastructure experience. Brief papers of 1-2 pages are encouraged; papers should not exceed 6 pages. Please submit your position paper to nextgenci(at) Please submit position papers by September 10th.

Because the workshop seeks to identify both gaps in available capabilities and opportunities for near-term interoperation and collaboration, white papers are encouraged to include statements of the form "My project needs ...." or "My project can offer ...." The following topics are expected to be of interest: 

Accepted position papers can be found here.

Workshop Plan 
This workshop will discuss, support and encourage the development of a national-scale infrastructure that can be used for interoperability and federation of next-generation cyberinfrastructure in the support of research and scientific exploration using networking and advanced cyberinfrastructure. It has the potential to lead to the development of new technologies of significant scientific and societal importance. Some of the benefits of catalyzing the development of a new, broadly participatory infrastructure model for scientific exploration include: 

Expected Outcomes 
Workshop participants will be encouraged to identify specific, pairwise or multi-lateral technology collaborations and exchanges that will result in mutual benefit to multiple participating CI projects. Results from the workshop will be documented in a workshop report, and are expected to include the following: 

Workshop Organizers
Victor Hazlewood, Chief Operating Officer, Joint Institute for Computational Sciences (JICS), University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK)
Rob Ricci, Research Assistant Professor, School of Computing, University of Utah

Workshop Registration
If you plan on attending, please send an email to nextgenci(at) and send any dietary restrictions.  The workshop is planning to provide morning refreshments each day (coffee, juice, fruit, and pastries), lunch on the first day and snacks during breaks.

NSF is sponsoring the workshop including some travel funds for participants. Also, Internet2 is sponsoring the facilities for the workshop.

Travel Assistance
Travel assistance is available for a limited number of participants. Travel assistance will be coordinated through UTK-JICS following all applicable federal and university rules and regulations. For travel assistance please send email to nextgenci-travel(at)

Draft Agenda
A draft agenda is located here.

Hotel Information

The following suggested hotels are within one mile of the meeting location  (1150 18th Street NW, Washington, DC) and have some availability of the CONUS/FEDERAL rate.  There is no room block for the workshop. 

Note that hotel rates at or below the CONUS/FEDERAL rate plus taxes can be reimbursed if you have requested travel cost reimbursement.   If you have further hotel questions please send email to nextgenci-travel(at)


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